1. What is my current housing situation? If you are renting, you need to take into consideration your rental commitment. Do you have a lease or are you a tenant at will? If you are renting, how much time is left on your lease; the expiration date of the lease will help you set a timetable for your purchase.

If you currently own a home, it will probably be necessary to sell before making another purchase. You will need to determine what your home is worth in today's market. Begin by asking us to provide a "market analysis" of your home. Often termed a "CMA" (comparative market analysis), this study will compare your home against similar homes recently sold in your area and against homes with which yours will be competing. Once you know what to expect from the sale of your present home, you will be better prepared to make an informed decision about another home.

2. What am I qualified to spend for a home? Ask us for a list of mortgage lenders who perform "prequalification" interviews. This allows the lender to determine the amount of mortgage for which you qualify and gives you the advance knowledge needed to purchase the home of your choice. This process will let you know what is a comfortable amount of money for you to spend on a home and will help you plan what will be the amount of your monthly mortgage payment, down payment and other closing costs.

3. What features would I like included in my home? Write down desirable locations you will consider, style preference, number of bedrooms and baths and any other features that are important to you. Be specific, but remember, it is unlikely that you will find a home that offers every single feature you desire. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind (or even create a sub-list) of features you would enjoy but which could be optional.

4. How do I choose a real estate consultant? Buying and/or selling a home can and often is very stressful. There are big decisions to be made, and there is a lot of your money involved . My advice is always to select someone who is an experienced full-time Realtor with whom you can communicate well.

5. How will I know what to expect as my buying experience proceeds? Because buying a home is something most of us seldom do, we all need a refresher course as to what follows what in the process. Mike and his team will know, understand and be able to clearly communicate the steps you will be facing. It is very important as a buyer to understand what commitments need to be met by which calendar dates after a seller has accepted your

6. What can I have included in the sale? Are there any exclusions? Being specific and clear about which items buyer and seller agree will remain in the home after the sale, which items the seller has excluded from the sale and by listing these agreed upon items on your offer form can save you from misunderstandings down the transaction road.

Example: The dining room chandelier you understood was included and the sellers understood was not!

7. Should I work with one Realtor or try to be independent, check the papers and attend open houses on my own?

The choice is yours! However, Mike and his team do Multiple Listing Service computer updates several times a day to keep up with new listings and can call you the same day a new home comes on the market. If you wait for a weekend open house, you run the risk of missing out on a home that may have been just what you've been looking for!

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